An EMBA that reflects Dauphine's values


The University Paris Dauphine is the first French university accredited by EQUIS and member of the PSL excellence initiative (Paris Sciences Lettres)

Founded 50 years ago, Dauphine is the first French university centred on organisations. Its prominent reputation is built upon certain values of excellence: 

Proximity between faculty and companies, a measure of a close relationship

  with the business world 

A research facility among the best in France, a gage of quality content 

Small group learning, a gage of professionalism and earnestness toward our students,

  (24 students maximum per group, 2 groups maximum per year)


The MBA proposed by Dauphine is not a product, but rather an educational program designed to deliver the highest level of excellence to our students. Faithful to the university tradition, Dauphine has developed an EMBA intertwining research and practical experience, therefore adapting to the executive training the unique model that has made it both successful and renowned. 

The EXECUTIVE MBA DAUPHINE cannot “be bought”; if you are admitted, the workload is intensive and requires a great deal of effort to receive your diploma. We are resolutely committed to the merits of content and learning. 

The real value of the EMBA is the capacity of its students to reflect and make decisions. Our objective is to privilege the development of your thought and analytical skills. As much as the knowledge received, it’s your personal transformation that we target. By developing the expertise of the men and women who make up a company, we aim to improve the business world. This is also an occasion to imagine new professional adventures: 15% of our graduates create their own enterprise after graduation. 

The management of public and private organisations is rich with diversity. And it only makes sense if we respect the fundamental human values that underlie it. Without ethics and respect for these values, management cannot endure. 


Jean-François Chanlat  and Nicolas Berland

Co-directors of the  Executive MBA Dauphine

Jean-François Chanlat, Co-director of Executive MBA Dauphine
Nicolas Berland, Co-director of Executive MBA Dauphine

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September 8th, 2017


Selection interviews

  • Saturday June 24th, 2017
  • Thursday July 6th, 2017

Accreditation and Partnership

Training in partnership with the ESG UQAM University - School of Sciences and Management - Quebec University of Montreal

The University Paris-Dauphine is accredited EQUIS and a member of PSL




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