Pedagogical methods

Adapted to working professionals, the Executive MBA Dauphine course is part time in order to constantly confront both fundamental knowledge and management reality in firms.


The Requirements are:

  • Fundamental education,
  • Methodology contribution based on work experiences of the teachers,
  • Group work projects,
  • Ground work in firms,
  • Simulations, case studies,
  • Presentations,restitutions,experience returns,
  • Tutorships from a distance.


The Emphasis is on:

  • Transversality of management problems in firms,
  • Case resolutions in groups assisted by managers of Paris dauphine University and UQAM,
  • Development of analytical capacities and group work.


Seminaries will be organized by trainees with the aim of acquiring fundamental knowledge

To accomplish this, at the beginning of the program, each participant will be given 20 work missions or so, together with CD ROMs’.

Between seminaries, the participants will be in contact with pedagogical teams via the internet and will have to prepare cases and files.


The use of new technologies to ensure:

  • Student monitoring by teachers,
  • Information diffusion,
  • Case dealing, from a distance or on site,
  • Transmission of knowledge through certain classes online,
  • Systematic evaluation of the teachers by the students after each unit.


The Executive MBA Dauphine supports small group pedagogy (25 maximum per class) to favor true group interaction.

Pedagogical interaction assures the link between electronic support classes and active participation of the participants.

Thanks to the pedagogical intranet, the participants can work from a distance, prepare live sessions, converse with teachers and pursue group work.