The Executive MBA Dauphine takes place over 22 months, part time, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, once a month.
You will find the program and the organization of the course in this column.
The schedule for the 20th class is available on demand to Evelyne Sémo.

1 - People, Decisions, Responsibilities 

  • Individuals  and Organisation.
  • Statistics and Decision  Theories
  • Ethics and Sustainable Development

2 - Markets, Clients, Financial Resources,Accounts

  • Accounts Information
  • Finance
  • Marketing

3 - Human Resources, Production Systems, Information Network

  • Operation Management
  • Contemporary socio-economic environment: observations and challenges for managers
  • Information Systems

4 - Innovations,Organisational Strategies

  • Innovation Context
  • Economic Environment
  • General  Direction
  • Management Control

5 - Management Practices in an International Context

  • International Business and Marketing
  • Comparable Management
  • International Finance

Thematic conferences are organized throughout the training.