The Executive MBA Dauphine takes place over 22 months, part time, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, once a month.
You will find the program and the organization of the course in this column.
The schedule for the 19th class is available on demand to Ouvre une fenêtre d'envoi de courrier électroniqueAnne Letombe.

1 - People, Decisions, Responsibilities 

  • Individuals  and Organisation.
  • Statistics and Decision  Theories
  • Ethics and Sustainable Development

2 - Markets, Clients, Financial Resources,Accounts

  • Accounts Information
  • Finance
  • Marketing

3 - Human Resources, Production Systems, Information Network

  • Operation Management
  • Contemporary socio-economic environment: observations and challenges for managers
  • Information Systems

4 - Innovations,Organisational Strategies

  • Innovation Context
  • Economic Environment
  • General  Direction
  • Management Control

5 - Management Practices in an International Context

  • International Business and Marketing
  • Comparable Management
  • International Finance

Thematic conferences are organized throughout the training.