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We are a university, a public education and research institution. We are the first French university to be accredited the Equis label.


We consider the MBA to be neither a business product nor a market, in the commercial sense of the word. We believe that an MBA should not be sold like any consumer goods. It is up to you to choose the MBA that best corresponds to your values.


The Executive MBA Dauphine is not an easy diploma to obtain. If you are selected for the program, You will have to work extremely hard for your diploma. You will be a student and not a client.


We maintain that the true value of an MBA remains the reflexivity and decision-making capacities of its holders. Our objective is to favor the development of analytical capacities and reflexion, not some managerial trend.


We consider that business management is rich in diversity. It is not founded on a single model and is meaningful only if it respects fundamental human values. Without ethics and respect for the latter, management is not sustainable.


We believe in strong human dimension: expressed through work in small groups (24 students maximum per group, 2 groups maximum per year), true mutual assistance between participants, inter-year tutorship and networking. Our concept of management means we favor group achievement rather than individual success. You will not choose the Executive MBA Dauphine by chance. You will choose it for the value it conveys, for the fundamental choices it represents and for the strength of our commitments.


Jean-François Chanlat
Executive MBA Dauphine Director.

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Wednesday January 18th, 2017, at 7pm
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Accreditation and Partnership

Training in partnership with the ESG UQAM University - School of Sciences and Management - Quebec University of Montreal

The University Paris-Dauphine is accredited EQUIS and a member of PSL




Head of the course (Director)
Jean-François CHANLAT


Training Assistants


Tel. 01 44 05 44 86

Mail : anne.letombe@dauphine.fr


Evelyne SEMO

Tel. 01 44 05 47 59

Mail : evelyne.semo@dauphine.fr


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