Alumni testimony

Camille CANQUE - 6th year


Company CEO GICAM (Chief Executive Officer)


The Executive MBA Dauphine enabled me to advance from Manager to Entrepreneur; from employee to the Head of a company and other personal changes ensued. I attribute the above to the quality of the academic programs, the International cultural outlook, the length of the programs and the magnificent view from the 7th floor…… Unforgettable!

Jean-Marie DUNAND - 9th year


In charge of New Business SFR
General Direction Innovation


As an Engineer, I started my career as Project Manager in an R&D Dept of a small and mid cap corporate. Thanks to an evening class in Production Marketing and Industrial Services I then became the manager of a Telecom production line for the Sagem group. As Head of partnerships and then of Innovation of SFR, I had  joined the world of operators and internet providers.

After more than 10 years of work experience, I felt the need to enlarge my knowledge skills of a firm; Finance, HR, Strategy Management. The Executive MBA Dauphine course enabled me to develop my capacity to foresee transversal aspects of a firm and is still there with me daily, to help me define strategic challenges. I had hardly obtained my new diploma, when I was offered the responsibility of developing a new activity for SFR.

Marc-Nöel FAUVEL - 11th year

Consultant-trainer in company development, organization and governance of information systems at Globalknowledge France

Having completed all the work required in my DSI post in a community of 80000 inhabitants and having implemented numerous methods of private sectors in the IT field, I wanted to expand my skills for a transversal approach of the business sector, for several reasons : on the one hand to enrich my management of modern, multidisciplinary methods and, on the other hand, to open up to other experiences, other sensitivities which always produce diversity to one’s own way of working.
From the year spent at the Executive MBA Dauphine, I will retain the human dimension which prevails, the exceptional quality of its teachers and an immensely positive elevation. This course opened my mind to numerous new fields, both multiple and complementary, which triggers the desire to invest oneself even further.
Nothing but happiness !


Arnaud MASSERON - 8th year


Director of Wipro consulting Service France (Wipro Technologies)


I have filled various functions as Project Manager; consulting, piloting changes, assuring quality over 20 years working experience. After obtaining a Computer Science DESS at UPMC, I have concentrated on company performance, over the past years.

The Executive MBA Dauphine taught me what I needed for my new career orientation and brought me much more than I expected. Apart from the approach and conceptual tools, I particularly appreciated the sharing of work experiences and the profoundly human dimension of the management we explored.

The core of my work today is economic performance and organization competitiveness .I channel my energy to associate larger social responsibilities and the environmental performance of firms.

Mathias MONDO - 8th year


HumanBet President - Strategic Management Teacher


On starting my Executive MBA Dauphine, my ambition was to climb up to the next rung towards the top. Dauphine enabled me to surpass current managerial certitudes. My professional career was boosted by Dauphine: my C.V is made up of only a series of work I did during this program. I left Dauphine with an exceptional capacity for work, strong values and reliance. The human relations I established there still accompany me daily. From this point of view henceforth, I belong to the Dauphine community.

Rubbing shoulders with professors of this caliber, leaves nobody indifferent .Thanks to their teaching and advice, I have become an expert in well-being and performance. During our graduation ceremony, I declared “Before the Executive MBA Dauphine, I was capable of navigating a pleasure steamer on the Seine River, now I am capable of parking a super tanker in the Shanghai harbor.” Today I am offering business organizations a solution.

Stéphanie VAN DUIN - 3rd year


President of Elsevier Masson France


The Executive MBA Dauphine : a curriculum where the greatest reward is the realization that nothing is yet acquired, more learning to do. It’s a renewal of the mind, with top –ranking teachers.

After completing a Philosophy thesis, I joined the Edition world, filling various posts. As young manager (General Director of a Bertlesmann Professional Information subsidiary) I felt the need to consolidate my experience with a management oriented academic program. This helped me to evolve with more assurance, to work for the Hachette Management Committee and thus attain my current post of President of Elsevier Masson France (Reed Elsevier Group).